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Hot Stone Massage
60min. $130

90min. $200
120min. $230


Healthy Habits
Therapeutic Massage


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Mon-Sun: 9am-7pm

Young Adult/Teen Massage

60min. $70
60min. $60 (Pre-Teen)

※Rejuvenate your body and mind

※Improve overall health condition
※Relax after work, sports, or the gym
※Reduce fibromyalgia pain

※Reduce shoulder, neck, & back pain

※Relieve tension headaches

※Improve sleep

Deep Tissue Massage
​​60min. $95
90min. $135
120min. $175

Swedish / Reflexology Massage
60min. $85

90min. $120
120min. $160

※Relieve stress and refresh
※Reduces the appearance of cellulite
※Improve metabolism

※Increase blood circulation

※Boost immunity

※Reduce anxiety

※Reduce all types of arthritis pain

※Lower blood pressure