Deep Tissue Massage
​​60min. $95
90min. $135
120min. $175

Hot Stone Massage
60min. $130

90min. $200
120min. $230


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Mon-Sun: 9am-7pm

Healthy Habits
Therapeutic Massage

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Swedish / Reflexology Massage
60min. $85

90min. $120
120min. $160

Young Adult/Teen Massage

60min. $70
60min. $60 (Pre-Teen)

※Rejuvenate your body and mind

※Improve overall health condition
※Relax after work, sports, or the gym
※Reduce fibromyalgia pain

※Reduce shoulder, neck, & back pain

※Relieve tension headaches

※Improve sleep

※Relieve stress and refresh
※Reduces the appearance of cellulite
※Improve metabolism

※Increase blood circulation

※Boost immunity

※Reduce anxiety

※Reduce all types of arthritis pain

※Lower blood pressure